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Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a law firm whose sole area of practice is Traffic Ticket Defense. Our firm has been assisting drivers for a number of years in the Buffalo–Niagara Falls metropolitan area and in the greater Western New York Region. We are proficient in New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law and advocate zealously on behalf of our clients.

Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is highly confident in its legal work. We offer our clients a Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee.* This money back guarantee is memorialized in every retainer agreement and mandates a full refund of the legal fee if the total points are not reduced by the end of the case.

* As per attorney ethical rules, no money back guarantee on criminal charges.

Free Consultation

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office offers a free consultation to motorists facing traffic violation charges. The consultation can be conducted phone conversation, email, or chat feature on our website. We will review your charges, discuss your driving history, analyze your license status, and explain the consequences of being convicted of the charges. If desired we will quote our flat fee legal fee. Consultations are pressure-free and you can take the time to review your options.

No Need to Appear in Court

New York law allows for an attorney to appear in court on behalf of their clients for traffic related charges. This means if you retain the Benjamin Goldman Law Office, our attorneys will go to court instead of you for any necessary court appearances. The benefits of this are obvious. No need to take off from work, school, or childcare. Furthermore you save the time and expenses involved in traveling and waiting in court.

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