VTL 1180(D) Speeding Ticket

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

In New York State, the most frequently issued traffic ticket is for a violation of 1180 (d). This is the default speeding violation statute. The statute does not change for higher speeds or lower speeds. However, the points and fine will change depending on the miles per hour over the limit.

In New York State, speeding charges are hard to beat if not handled properly. Simply disputing the officer’s allegations typically leads nowhere, even if the officer is lying. Who do you think the prosecutor and judge will believe? Furthermore, there is little documentary evidence that the officer needs to produce to make a speeding case. The officer does not need to produce a “print-out” of the radar or laser reading. Finally, officers are trained to visually estimate the speed of vehicles. So even if the technical readings are not accepted by the court, the officer can always rely on their visual estimate to establish a proper case.

Making matters worse, New York State has one the highest average fines for traffic violations. The fines are ultimately up to the judge but can range in the many hundreds of dollars. A high point violation or multiple violations will trigger an additional Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee of – minimum - three hundred dollars. This applies equally to New York State, out-of-state, and some Canadian motorists. Typically the most costly consequence of a speeding violation on your record is the increased car insurance rates.

The good news is that if handled properly, the speeding charge can be reduced dramatically or dismissed entirely. There are several legal and procedural tactics that can be utilized to fight off the charges. Your best bet is to hand off the case to a law firm that is dedicated to traffic ticket defense. In New York State, your attorney can go to court instead of you. Furthermore, no need to present an actual defense or any evidence to fight your ticket. You can let your attorney handle everything.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a New York State traffic ticket law firm. We have helped thousands of motorists get out of serious speeding violations. Our firm has handled speeding charges of well over 100 mph. We are well equipped to handle your speeding ticket. Contact us at your convenience. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office provides free consultations to motorists.

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