VTL 1140B, Failed to Yield Right Away

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

There are multiple scenarios that involve the right of way. This particular statute references intersections when no car is in it yet. VTL 1140(b) states that:

When two vehicles enter an intersection from different highways at approximately the same time the driver of the vehicle on the left shall yield the right of way to the vehicle on the right.

Let’s say two cars approach the intersection around the same time, and none of them are in it when the time comes to drive. The vehicle on the right has the right of way. If you are on the left, you would yield to the vehicle on the right.

Since Americans drive on the right side of the road, right hand turns are given the right of way over left hand turns. If two drivers are both turning, precedence goes to the right hand one. Similarly if you are at an informal intersection with no directional lights, right of way is given to any vehicle approaching from the right.

A ticket for a first time conviction for VTL 1140(b) will result in a fine of $150, plus a $93 mandatory New York State surcharge. A guilty plea or conviction of this violation will put three points on your driver’s license and will likely impact your insurance rates.

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