VTL 1160D, Failed to Turn as Required

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

There are several different sections of the traffic code that mention traffic signs. VTL 1160 (d) is one of them, and states that:

“When markers, buttons, signs, or other markings are placed within or adjacent to intersections and thereby require and direct that a different course from that specified in this section be traveled by vehicles turning at an intersection, no driver of a vehicle shall turn a vehicle at an intersection other than as directed and required by such markers, buttons, signs, or other markings.”

When there are specific signs directing traffic, a driver must obey them. This section applies that general consensus to intersections. If there are signs surrounding an intersection, for example “No Turn on Red”, a failure to follow them will result in a ticket. Common markings at an intersection are green arrows indicating a left or right turn, signs that indicate whether right turns on red are acceptable, or designated turning lanes.

A ticket for this violation is rarely issued in New York. Mostly because it is redundant to other statutes that cover the same set of facts, including Improper Turn and Disobeying a Traffic Control Device. An improper turn at an intersection in violation of these traffic symbols results in 2 points added to your driving record. The fine depends on the exact jurisdiction but will not be more than $243 for a first-time offense. However, a violation like this appearing on your driving record will likely cause increases in your car insurance rates. If you would like help with your ticket, you can contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office. Our attorneys can file the Not Guilty plea for you and make any necessary court appearances in your place. Our goal would be to get the violation dismissed entirely or reduced to a parking ticket (no-points).

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