VTL 509-3 “Operating in Violation of Restrictions”

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

VTL 509-3 concerns specific restrictions on a driver’s license or permit. Operating a motor vehicle in a manner that is not in compliance with a specific restriction is a traffic violation. There are many types of restrictions that can lead to this violation. In our experience, this ticket is most commonly issued to young drivers with a learner’s permit and are operating a car without an adult or outside of allowed times for driving. It can also specify prosthetic devices or equipment which are required in order to operate a vehicle. In other cases, it is a restriction brought about as the result of a DWI or other legal issue. There are different types of restrictions, and there can be one or more specific restrictions on the document. Failure to abide by these restrictions can result in fines of up to three hundred dollars (plus surcharge) for a first time offense. While the charge carries no points, it may stay on your driving history. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office has helped many motorists with this ticket. You can contact us to review your ticket. Consultations are free. For more detailed analysis see below.

The different types of restrictions can be organized into:

1. Statutory Restrictions

Statutory restrictions are limits based on the type of vehicle, and/or skill required to operate it. A common scenario is the different licensing levels required for CDL drivers. For example, if a CDL holder has not passed an air brake test, but is operating a vehicle with air brakes in violation of their restriction, they are at risk of receiving a ticket for VTL 509-3. Different weight restrictions for different types of vehicles can also be placed on license.

2. Regulation Restrictions

These restrictions are based on the physical condition of the license holders. For example, if corrective lenses are required. In other cases, some drivers might require an accelerator to the left of the brake.

Regardless of category, operating a vehicle in violation of any restrictions is a violation. If you are unaware of any restrictions, they can be easily found by a code found on the front of your license or permit. A description of any restrictions you have is also printed on the back of licenses or permits.

The below table shows the codes and applicable description.

Code Description
A Accelerator Left of Brake
A1 Temporary Visitor
A2 Problem Driver (Class D Only)
A3 Medical Certificate Exemption (Commercial Class Only)
A4 Ignition Interlock Device
B Corrective Lenses
C Mechanical Aid
D Prosthetic Device
E No Manual Transmission Equipped CMV (Commercial Class Only)
E1 Automatic Transmission
F Outside Mirrors
F1 Hearing Aid, or Full-View Mirror
G Daylight Driving Only
I Limited Use Auto (Maximum Speed of 40 MPH)
I1 Limited Used Motorcycle Class (Maximum Speed of 40 MPH)
I2 Limited Used Motorcycle Class (Maximum Speed of 30 MPH)
I3 Limited Used Motorcycle Class (Maximum Speed of 20 MPH)
I4 Three Wheel Motorcycle (Motorcycle Class)
K CDL Intrastate: No Operation outside New York State for Commerce (Commercial Class Only)
L No Air Brake Equipped (Commercial Class Only)
L1 No Air Brake Equipped Class A (Commercial Class Only)
L2 No Air Brake Equipped Class B (Commercial Class Only)
M No Class A Passenger Vehicle (Commercial Class Only)
N No Class A and B Passenger Vehicle (Commercial Class Only)
N1 No Vehicle Designed for 15 or More Adult Passengers (Commercial Class Only)
N2 No Vehicle Designed for 8 or More Adult Passengers (Commercial Class Only)
O No Tractor/Trailer (Commercial Class Only)
O1 No Tractor/ Trailer CMV/ Truck Not Over 26,000 GVWR (Commercial Class Only)
O2 No Tractor/ Trailer CMV/ Truck Not Over 18,000 GVWR (Commercial Class Only)
P No Passengers in CMV Bus (Commercial Learner Permit Only)
P1 Power Brakes
Q Power Steering
R Built up Seat, Pedal or Shoe
U Hand Operated Brake
V Medical Variance (Commercial Class Only)
V1 Foot Operated Parking Brake
W No Vehicle over 18,000 pounds
X No Cargo in CMV Tank Vehicle (Commercial Learner Permit Only)
X1 Full Hand Control
Y Shoulder Harness Use
Z No Full Air Brake Equipped (Commercial Class Only)
Z1 Wheel Spinner
4 Telescopic Lens 4
5 No Limited Access Roads

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