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Clymer, New York

Clymer, New York

Clymer is a small and rural town in Chautauqua County, New York. It is one of the most western towns of New York State and is on the New York-Pennsylvania border. As of January of 2022, the town’s population was 1,733. The town was settled in 1821 and was named after George Clymer, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Clymer is one of the eight remaining “dry towns” in New York State. The sale of alcohol anywhere in town has been forbidden since 1974.

Traffic Tickets in Clymer, New York

New York State Route 474 is the only major road in Clymer. It diagonally passes through the center of town and connects the hamlets of Jaquins, Clymer Center and North Clymer.

County Route 15 (Clymer-Corry Road) acts as the main thoroughfare when entering town from Pennsylvania. Clymer is just over the Pennsylvania border and many of the traffic stops are of Pennsylvania motorists.

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Note: As of January 1, 2022, the Clymer Town Court is closed. All traffic violations in Clymer are now adjudicated in the Mina Town Court.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a traffic ticket defense firm. A majority of our clients are out-of-state motorists that received traffic citations in New York State. If convicted in New York, the violation will in all likelihood be reported back to your home state, go on your record in your home state, and impact your insurance rates. In addition, the fines and fees associated with traffic violations in New York are much higher than in other states. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office helps out of state drivers with their tickets in New York State. We take care of all the filings and communications with the prosecutor and judge. We can be authorized to appear in court in your place as necessary. In other words, you can fight your New York traffic charges without coming back to New York. Feel free to get in touch with us to get more information.

Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee*

Our firm offers a Point Reduction or Money Back Guarantee*. This means we will issue a full refund of your legal fee if we are unable to reduce the points added to your license as a result of the ticket.

*Traffic tickets only. Does not apply to misdemeanors and felonies.

Information on the Clymer Justice Court

Address: 2883 North Road, Findley Lake, New York 14736
Location: Google Maps
Phone: 716-769-7204
E-mail: dcooper@nycourts.gov
More Information: Court Website

Town Justice: Hon. Denis Cooper