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Dansville can refer to four different New York geographic entities all intertwined with each other. Dansville is the name of a town in northern Steuben County. Within the town is the hamlet of South Dansville, the main community of the town. North Dansville is the name of a town in southern Livingston County. Within North Dansville is a village of Dansville, the main community of its town. The town of North Dansville and the town of Dansville are on two sides of the county border. For all practical purposes it is one area. The total population between all of them is around eight thousand.


Each geographic entity has its own justice court with jurisdiction over traffic tickets. The busiest of them is the North Dansville Town Court. This is because the Genesee Expressway (I-390) goes through a major portion of North Dansville. The speed limit is 65 mph but motorists tend to go faster. New York State Troopers patrol the expressway.

New York State Route 63 (Main Street) and New York State Route 36 (Franklin Street) are the main roads in the town of North Dansville and the village of Dansville. The village of Dansville has its own police force that patrols the village roads. NYS-63 is also the main north-south route through the town of Dansville. For any ticket in Dansville or North Dansville, feel free to get in touch with the Benjamin Goldman Law Office.


The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a boutique law firm whose sole area of practice is Traffic Ticket Defense. Our firm has successfully resolved traffic violation charges in the North Dansville area. There are a number of different options, depending on the jurisdiction, type of violation, and the status of the motorist. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office can walk you through the whole process and handle your ticket from A to Z.


Town of Dansville Town Court

Contact information:
Address: 1487 Day Road, Arkport, NY 14807
Phone: 607-295-9917
Fax 607-295-7132

Court information:
Justice: Hon. Monte Trimble
Prosecutor: ADA Joan Merry, Esq. of Steuben County District Attorney’s Office

Town of North Dansville Justice Court/
Village of Dansville Justice Court

The Village of Dansville Justice Court and Town of North Dansville Justice Court share most of their court personnel.
Contact information:
Address: 14 Clara Barton Street, Dansville, NY 14437
Phone: (585) 335-2460
Fax: (585) 335-5557

Court information:
Justices: Hon. David E. Werth (town), Joshua J. Weidman (town & village), Hon. Scott K. Kenney (village)
Court Clerk: Sheila Duffy
Prosecutor: ADA Darren Pilato, Esq., Livingston County District Attorney’s Office

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