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Mount Morris, New York

Mount Morris, New York

Mount Morris is a town in Livingston County, New York. The Town of Mount Morris has a village also called Mount Morris. The total population is around 4500 with most living in the village.

Traffic Tickets in Mount Morris, New York

The otherwise unassuming Village of Mount Morris has one of the busiest traffic courts in New York. If you are traveling northwest through central New York towards Niagara, Buffalo, or Canada, you will use the I-390 “Genesee Expressway.” Most GPS systems will take you off the 390 at the Mount Morris exit and take you through local roads instead of the Expressway. This cuts down some miles and time from your trip. The problem is that a lot of motorists do not acclimate properly to the reduced speed and do not slow down sufficiently while traveling through the Village of Mount Morris. The roads that are the main culprits for speeding tickets are New York State Route 36 (Main Street) and New York State Route 408 (Mount Morris Geneseo Road).

The Town Court and Village Court are two separate entities. The village court has jurisdiction over actions alleged to have occurred in the village. Anything outside of the village, but within the town, is within the jurisdiction of the town court. As explained above, the village court has a more substantial traffic calendar.

Despite being two separate entities, the two courts share almost everything including a location and court personnel. The main difference being that they are in session on different days.

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Information on the Mount Morris Justice Court

Address: 117 Main Street, Mount Morris, New York 14510
Location: Google Maps
Phone: 585-658-3358
Fax: 585-658-9129
More Information: Court Website

Hon. Robert Ossont
Hon. David Provo

Clerk: Laurie Button

Prosecutor: Livingston County ADA Daniel R. Magill