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Niagara Falls is the famous waterfalls in western New York, at the border between the United States and Canada. Adjacent to the falls is the City of Niagara Falls. The population of the year-round residents is around fifty thousand. Tourism is the main industry of the city.


The Niagara Falls City Court has jurisdiction over traffic infractions in the city. Motorists that are not familiar with the area in which they are driving tend to commit more traffic violations. Most people driving through the City of Niagara Falls are from out of the area so the city court sees a higher than average amount of traffic cases.

If you received a ticket in Niagara Falls, but do not live in New York, you still need to deal with the ticket. Ignoring a ticket can result in license suspension in your home state and driving privileges suspension in New York. If you get a ticket you should either pay the ticket or fight the ticket. Fighting the ticket means pleading not guilty and then trying to get the charges dismissed or reduced. You can plead not guilty even if in fact you committed the alleged infraction.

The first step is to determine whether it makes more sense to fight the ticket or pay the ticket. New York has very expensive fines and fees for serious traffic violations (for example speeding more than 20 mph over the limit) and it is often worth fighting simply to lower the fines. If you are charged with a less serious traffic violation (for example “failure to signal”) you should find out whether the violation will transfer to your home state or province. If the conviction will not appear on your home driving record then it may not be worth fighting and you can just pay it.


If a New York violation will transfer to your home license and/or it is a serious violation, you may want to contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office for a free consultation. We can review in details the charges, figure out how you will be affected by this violation, and let you know how we can help. New York law allows your lawyer to go to court instead of you to get your charges reduced. This means you would not have to personally come back to Niagara Falls in order to plead not guilty or get your charges reduced.


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Judges: Hon. Mark Violante, Hon. Diane Vitello, Hon. Danielle Restaino, Hon. James J. Faso, Jr.
Clerks: Deonna Mazur & Angela Herrick

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