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Grand Island is a town in Erie County, New York. The town is in fact its own island in middle of the Niagara River, north of Buffalo and just south of the Niagara Falls. To the west of Grand Island is Canada, separated by the Niagara River.


The town has a justice court that retains jurisdiction over traffic related charges alleged to have occurred within Grand Island. Most traffic tickets in Grand Island do not stem from violations on the local roads but from violations on the I-190.

Interstate 190 is a highway that connects the Interstate 90 in Buffalo, New York with the Canada-U.S. border near Niagara Falls. The I-190 traverses Grand Island north-south via two pairs of bridges on the north and south side of the island. The speed limit is lowered on both bridges but motorist often fail to heed the signs. The interstate is patrolled by New York State Troopers.

The typical Grand Island traffic ticket is for speeding on the I-190. Obviously tickets for other violations are issued as well. Grand Island also has its own police force that patrol the local roads. For any ticket in Grand Island you can contact the Benjamin Goldman Law Office for a free consultation.


Retaining a traffic ticket defense firm has two benefits: The first is that an attorney with extensive knowledge of traffic law can utilize their legal prowess to obtain an advantageous disposition for your ticket. Second is that the attorney can make any necessary court appearances in your stead.

These two benefits are even more important to Canadian citizens. Ontario Province and New York have a reciprocity agreement whereby violations in New York will add demerit points to a Canadian driving record. However the exact nature of the reciprocity is nuanced. A knowledgeable traffic ticket defense firm can utilize this to help their clients avoid the consequences of a conviction.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is such a firm. We practice exclusively traffic ticket defense. Our firm has helped motorists with tickets in town courts all over Erie County including in Grand Island. Please feel free to get in touch with us.


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Justices: Hon. Sybil E. Kennedy & Hon. Mark J. Frentzel
Prosecutor: Mark Nemeth, Esq.

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