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Silver Springs, New York

Siver Springs, New York

Silver Springs is a village located within the Town of Gainesville in Wyoming County. As of July 2022, the population was 750. Silver Springs was originally known as “East Gainesville”. It was incorporated as a village in 1895. Silver Spring has a total area of approximately 1 sq mile.

Traffic Tickets in Silver Springs, New York

There are two courts in Silver Springs, and they physically share the same location. One court is for the town of Gainesville and the other is for Silver Spring Village. The village court handles all criminal cases, small claims, and traffic violations issued throughout the village.

The village does not have its own police force. They received police coverage from the New York State Police and the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department. Both have the authority to conduct traffic stops and issue tickets.

The busiest road in Silver Springs is Route 19A, Cummings Ave. Route 19A is a north-south bound road that runs through the center of the village before heading west and existing the village in the northwest. Directly prior to heading west, Perry Ave branches off of Route 19A and runs east before exiting from the village’s east border. Most of the smaller roads in Silver Springs branch off directly from Route 19A. A common violation seen in Silver Springs is speeding as motorist are able to achieve higher speeds on the relatively straight Route19A and Perry Ave. Other violations seen in Silver Springs are failure to obey a traffic device and texting while driving.

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Information on the Silver Springs Justice Court

Physical Address: 43 North Main Street, Silver Springs, New York 14550
Location: Google Maps
Phone: (585) 493-3395
Fax: (585) 493-5236

Village Justice:
Hon. John R. Proper