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Genesee County, New York

Genesee County, New York

Genesee County is a county in New York State. It is in the Western New York region. The county is bordered by Orleans County to the north, Monroe County to the northeast, Livingston County to the southeast, Wyoming County to the south, and Erie County to the west. The City of Buffalo is twenty miles west of the western county line. The City of Rochester is fifteen miles east of the eastern county line.

Genesee County was formed in 1803 and derives its name from the Seneca Native American Tribe. In their tongue, "Genesee" means "the beautiful valley". The county contains thirteen towns and one city, Batavia, which also happens to be the county "seat". , Genesee County had a population of approximately 57,400.

Traffic Tickets in Genesee County

The busiest courts are located near Interstate 90 (New York State Thruway). The I-90 passes through Genesee County heading east and west. Taking I-90 east brings you to the Rochester area. Heading west on I-90 brings you to Buffalo. Motorists are often stopped for speeding in this vicinity. The speed limit is 65 miles per hour but motorists are often clocked in the 80-85 mph range, even up to 100 mph. Most low level speeds are inadvertent.

The interstate is patrolled exclusively by the New York State Police. They issue tickets made answerable to several courts that hold jurisdiction over portions of the I-90. The local roads contribute a significant amount to the court schedule as well. In the more developed areas, motorists can be cited for red light or stop sign tickets, as well as tickets for texting or calling while driving.

If you were issued a ticket in Genesee County, you may want to consider speaking with an attorney before you plead guilty. Your charges can be reduced or modified and you would not have to come back to court. You also do not need to have a defense or excuse. Let your attorney handle everything.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office P. C.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is dedicated to fighting traffic tickets. We have been doing so since 2011, and our track record of success is worth mentioning. A large number of the cases we handle result in noteworthy reductions, often resulting in no points. In some cases we can get the charges dropped. Our firm offers a Points Reduced or Money Back Guarantee* and a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in retaining our firm. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding your ticket.

List of Justice Courts in Genesee County, New York

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